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Windows Phone, ownCloud and CardDAV and CalDAV

this is a combination of information from the following two locations:

What is this?

云南快乐十分前三直选this page gives an outline of how to get your windows phone to sync calendars and contacts with an owncloud instance running on a server using a self-signed certificate. this whole process is a hack and i’m incredibly disappointed that windows phone does not support this natively – especially since they have a caldav and carddav implementation already available (used by icloud and google accounts). if this process stops working at some point, that should be expected.

i successfully got this working on a lumia 735.


云南快乐十分前三直选i’m assuming that you’ve got owncloud installed on a server using ssl. when the certificate was set up, the must really be the fdqn. i.e. if your owncloud instance is hosted at “”, the certificate must be for “” – not “”. i had this wrong on my home server and was getting the “80072f0d” error on the phone. if you have not yet set up owncloud or have not set up ssl for your server yet, there are sites already documenting this process .

you then need to get the certificate installed on your phone. if you do not do this, you will get errors when the phone tries to start syncing. you can do this by opening the certificate in internet explorer on the phone (you can do this easily by copying the certificate to your owncloud files, logging into your cloud in ie on the phone and opening the file.

You should then be able to follow the instructions here: Setting up CardDAV and CalDAV on Windows Phone 8.1.

云南快乐十分前三直选which roughly reads:

  1. Create a fake iCloud account. Put garbage information in the fields and create it. The phone won’t check anything.
  2. Modify the account, edit the advanced settings then change the servers for CalDAV and CardDAV (respectively) as: