Sample Sets

云南快乐十分前三直选these are some sample sets which i have created which are compatible with the virtual organ simulator. they are releasued under very unrestrictive licenses and are hoped to be of assistance for digital practise instruments. they also have been recorded for archiving purposes such that the character of an organ can be preserved at the end of the instrument’s life.


云南快乐十分前三直选st. augustine’s, neutral bay

St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, Neutral Bay

Builder: William Hill & Son and Norman & Beard Ltd 1929
Location: 89 Wycombe Road, Neutral Bay
Status: Preliminary release now available!

云南快乐十分前三直选st. stephen’s, penrith

St. Stephens Anglican Church, Penrith

Builder: Charles Jackson 1877 (rebuilt in 1977 by Brown and Arkley)
Location: 252 High Street, Penrith, NSW
Status: Completed.

What can I do to help?

云南快乐十分前三直选if you play on a historic or reasonably interesting organ in sydney and think it is worth recording, you can get in contact with me (my details are on the about page).